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Happy Bunny Keychain

Happy Bunny Keychain

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Happy Bunny is measured at 3" tall. She is a miniature bunny you can carry anywhere on your bag or keychain!

-She comes in multiple colors so please let us know which color you prefer. Otherwise, color will be chosen at random. 

- Fiber Content: 4ply Milk Cotton. Milk Cotton is milk casein fiber and cotton fiber combine into strong, but still soft material. Toys made with this type of yarn is soft, vibrantly colored, and washable.

- Recommended Care Instructions: Machine wash cool, best to hang dry.

- Colors might be different than in picture due to deference monitors.

- Size might be slightly different due to the nature of handmade.

- Not recommended for children under 3.


Please let me know if you are the owner of this pattern, I would love to give you the credit you deserve.

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